The Chronicle

Stephen Mpofu, Viewpoint

At no other time(s) due to the fact generation is the large entire world in which we reside known to have been lowered by ailment to a virtual miniature village, as is the situation today, with each and every nation reeling beneath the Covid-19 pandemic.

In the conditions, the ignorant/semi-literate bury their heads in the sand in hopes that the coronavirus which has remaining thousands and thousands dropping to the ground dead, like fumigated pests, with tens of millions extra struggling for survival while the educated and knowledgeable are abated by their carnal stubbornness to throw away to the wind all measures to control the spread of the pandemic, seemingly describing these as of no consequence in their pursuits of joyful lifetime and seemingly saying to them selves:

“whether the weather conditions be lousy, whether or not the weather be excellent, we shall weather conditions the weather conditions.”

This last team of persons can be stated to wantonly thumb their noses at protocols from the Environment Health and fitness Organisation for their security and the safety of other people versus the coronavirus in the exact same way that our forebears, Adam and Eve, defied God’s protocol which occurred to be the Almighty’s prophecy.

God informed them they could take in all the fruits in the backyard of Eden except these from the tree of understanding in the centre of the yard if not they would surely die.

God’s word was a prophecy and individuals carry on to die today.

Definitely it can be mentioned with equanimity that the WHO protocols offered to the persons by their governments for their defense from the coronavirus are informed by prototypes of God’s prophesy to Adam and Eve that they would die if they defied His term about which fruits to consume from the Back garden.

Recurring surges of the lethal coronavirus in Zimbabwe and other international locations now, with localised lockdowns released in bids to verify the spread of the virus, can be put down to individuals burying their heads in the sand as a substitute of adhering religiously to the directives to avoid the unfold of the virus.

The WHO protocols involve wearing facial area masks, social distancing and washing one’s fingers with drinking water and soap.

If adopted to the letter these steps will not go erroneous in stopping the coronavirus from spreading and infecting other persons.

On the contrary, their defiance has resulted in several pieces of the place staying put under localised lockdowns, with the reopening of universities formerly scheduled for the working day after tomorrow currently being postponed by two months for the protection of pupils although authorities critique the predicament even further.

Surely our individuals should really make each effort to embrace the protocol tips to reduce the reduction of much more life.

For instance, the term in Amos 8:16 states “festivals and celebrations become sad” as is the situation in Zimbabwe suitable now due to the coronavirus pandemic lockdown.

The earth will shake (Amos 8:8) as world economies are terribly shaken by the Covid-19 pandemic correct now.

God’s term says in Leviticus 14:4,5,46: “keep length if you have indications, cover your mouth and keep away from contact” a little something that quite a few Zimbabweans are defying now and the police are deployed to make sure adherence to this and other protocols.

At this time church buildings are also shut below lockdowns in initiatives by authorities to defend congregants from an infection by the coronavirus means that people are not able to hear the phrase of God, for sinners to be converted to Christianity in preparing for judgment working day which will see all those who have obtained Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour and served Him, going to heaven whilst sinners go to hell.

Christians ought to not totally succumb to the dictates of the coronavirus to the devil’s delight but should use each individual tool accessible to distribute the term of God for the salvation of humanity at the close of this earth.

The equipment in position below incorporate mass communications media, this kind of as newspapers, radio and television, the internet, textbooks et cetera, specially when lockdowns these as we have stop the holding of crusades the place standard members of the community can freely attend.

Spreading the term of God in languages understood by everyone ought to assistance the public make informed choices about heaven or hell in the afterlife.

Individuals who listen to and acquire the phrase become insular to toxic social relations that are a barrier to their rebirth as Christians and small children of God at our Creator’s delight and will as a result be well prepared for the good indaba or judgment working day with at present, and in gentle of the entire world coronavirus pandemic several folks speculating that humanity is on our past extend in this canal world and with devout Christians raring to welcome their Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ on His next return to near the very last chapter of a planet riddled with trials and tribulations with eternity on the wings of His picked out ones.